The Entertainment!

Check out the entertainment list below!  Line up is subject to change.  More details here –

Light the Night Stage 

4:00 PM                Kid’s Fusion Band

4:40 PM                Hālau Hula Kāhea O Kalaniana’ole

5:00 PM                Naruwan Taiko

6:00 PM                WELCOME CEREMONY

6:30 PM                Southern Sea Dragon & Lion Dance

7:00 PM                The Naked I

7:35 PM                Bryant Ghost Colocho

7:45 PM                The 606

8:15 PM                LIGHTING CEREMONY

8:25 PM                LASER SHOW

8:40 PM               TBD

9:15 PM                SM Familia

10:00 PM             END


Community Stage           

4:00 PM                Blue Kanon

4:25 PM                U-Jam Fitness

4:50 PM                Summer Sage Road

5:30 PM                Tony & Angie Salamat Dance Arts Center

6:00 PM                Welcome Ceremony – Light the Night Stage

6:30 PM                Funk the Music

7:15 PM                 EraNetik

7:30 PM                Dance Competition Begin

9:30 PM                Dance Competition Finals Begin

10:00 PM             END

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